I really don’t take myself too seriously and I generally don’t like following recipes except for baking because it is a science and your cake will fall in. 

My cooking style is dashing some of this and some of that and remaining confident that I have an experienced enough palate to tell me when I am done adding. I’ll try to tell you how much to put in but please when it comes to spices, salts, garlic, onion, peppers etc that is on you. That’s your business as Tabitha Brown would say. I will never tell you how much to add but 3 cloves of garlic aren’t effective and I don’t care who says otherwise. 

Most of my recipes are created for 1 person as I live alone and have figured out how to create enough food for myself and have leftovers for another day.  In some cases I will indicate the serving but this is about cooking a spectacular meal for you. Keep this in mind and increase the ingredients accordingly for the number of guests you have. 

Let’s be openminded and remember that I am not a chef, l just love to eat. I’m a visual person and love pretty food, so just have fun doing this with me. Feel free to ask me questions and let’s eat some stuff!

Teri Coco

Chicken Teriyaki with coconut bulgur and sautéed spicy Bok Choy Last Thursday we did our very first IG Live with my best friend and fellow Architect Danei Cesario the founder of Wallen WALLEN + daub ( to demo a new recipe I created a few days before. We discussed the inspiration behind Palate Architect, the […]

Beet Me Down Salad

Roasted beets, sautéed beet and kale greens, roasted butternut squash and seeds with a rose jam jalapeno vinaigrette. I call this dish the Beet Me Down Salad because I have always hated beets and despite the constant praise my friends would give them I refused to eat them. I finally gave in and made them […]

Eyy Miss Quiche-a Butternut Hurt ’em Brunch Quiche

Butternut squash jalapeño quiche with phyllo dough crust. Quiche is one of those things that I like but truly shouldn’t. First of all, I am lactose intolerant. Heavy cream AND cheese should not get anywhere close to my lips. Second, eggs. I don’t like any part of them except for the whites and they have […]

Frenchie Brioche Breakfast Pudding

Bread Pudding muffins, Kahlua whipped cream and raspberry and blueberry compote. This recipe was created this morning when I had the craving for french toast and bread pudding. I figured why not make a breakfast for now and a dessert for later. I was not feeling great when I woke up and I needed something […]

Ch-Ch-Ch Chia Nana Pancakes

Banana chia pancakes with blackberry sauce and blackberry whipped yogurt Pancakes are my go to breakfast. I can whip them up pretty quickly without measuring any ingredients. The only reason I wrote this one down quickly, I had multiple friends reach out to me about my Instagram post about these. After doing it for about […]

Chuck and Chive

Chive, Scallion, parmesan waffle with braised chuck beef and pickled shallots Truth be told, I am a pancake over waffles person.  That’s my truth and it will never change.  Recently I bought a really nice waffle maker on sale and decided that maybe it was time to up my waffle game.  I am a whiz […]

Labor of Love Lasagna

Beef chuck Ragu lasagna with homemade lasagna pasta and béchamel sauce This lasagna is called Labour of Love because the cook time from start to finish is about 6 hours.  You will only put in this effort into yourself or someone you really care about, hence the name. I had only made lasagna once before […]

Cuckoo for Coco(nut) Pops

Vegan coconut ice pops with grated sweetened coconut I felt nostalgic, I had a craving for my grandmother’s coconut ice pops that she used to make and sell in St Kitts. My sister and I were chatting a last week about how much we loved these things. How many memories we had about them. As […]