About Us

Hello Taste Master! My name is Nicole. I have been living in NYC for a long time. I initially moved here to study Architecture and after I graduated I have worked mostly in the fields of Architecture, Construction and Interior Design for the past 10 years. I am West Indian by birth so flavor is my life but through and through I am a New Yorker in my heart.

Palate Architect is the intersection of Food, Fashion, Art and Architecture.

Palate by definition is an appreciation of an aesthetic or taste. An Architect is a designer of spaces, who acts as a guide through a plan and executes it through buildings. I built Palate Architect as a space to savor the beauty of creativity in the Food, Fashion, Art and Architecture, that act as the foundations of our lives. I created this blog as an ode to the things I love.

I will use this blog to design great meals and guide you through my creative process. I will utilize the palettes of these meals to assemble fun outfits that compliment their aesthetic. I will show you through visuals how much these four things have in common, and how much creativity in all forms relate to and intersect with each other. I will also always strive to create a space where we can build a community of Taste Masters.

Thank you for signing up to be a Taste Master!

Nicole N