Oh Pudding, your colors are popping

Me as Frenchie brioche breakfast pudding. French toast muffin with blueberry and raspberry compote and Kahlua whipped cream.

Dressing up like the recipes I create has become compulsory, in an odd way it completes the look. Even though I am in my apartment during quarantine, I still want to have an experience around my meals. I want it to feel as if I was running the streets of New York with no curfew, restrictions, threats or fears.

It is always fun to rummage through my closet and put the looks together. When I started to think about what I would do for this look, I quickly realized that I had very limited options for purple items. I needed something that would reflect the strong colors of the blueberry and raspberry compote. That is when I remembered I had this fun Zara dress from my 35th birthday last summer. I try to keep my closets organized by color which helps me to pull things and assemble outfits quickly.

Rather than wear the piece as a dress, I layered it over a one shoulder jumpsuit from J Lux Label. The color combination got me as close to those in the dish, while still being stylish. The holes in the mesh dress mimicked the roundness of the blueberries, while the rust of the jumpsuit though stronger in color than the pudding, was close enough to the color family to complete the look. The subtle sparkle of the sequins look like the glossy finish for the compote.

The look overall is casual and easy but leans on the strong coloring to make it stand out. I am looking forward to wearing this beyond my couch when we are free again. It is comfortable, effortless and polished.

To create a modern look of the white Kahlua whipped cream topping, I added white thick framed rectangular sunglasses from Asos. It was the perfect dollop of contrast to the other strong colors.

I hope this trend picks up and we can all be what we eat. Check out the recipe for Frenchie Brioche Breakfast Pudding below. If you can’t wear it at least you can eat it.

Frenchie Brioche Breakfast Pudding

Bread Pudding muffins, Kahlua whipped cream and raspberry and blueberry compote. This recipe was created this morning when I had the craving for french toast and bread pudding. I figured why not make a breakfast for now and a dessert for later. I was not feeling great when I woke up and I needed something […]


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