Black AF and color wall over

BLACK AF bulgur risotto, Prada Duchess Satin coat and Atrium wall

This is the first time I am combining one of my original recipes in a Palate Architect IG post. I created this recipe because of my love for seafood. When I started my search for fashion and architecture to coordinate with this, I knew I had to go into the botanicals.

Natural colors and plant life would be the only way to match the vibrance of this dish. All of these are built up from a black background with layers of bright colors. The green of the parsley mimicked the leaves in coat and the Atrium wall. The red in the pepper flakes and the blooms on the coat reflect the foliage of the wall. It was uncanny how seamlessly they worked together. You could layer each of these onto each other and they would disappear.

I love that they all have texture that adds to the 3 dimensional qualities to each. They are all vibrant and full of movement. I’m proud that this combination of my food with these other mediums is the first for Palate Architect.

Food by @palatearchitect creator @nicsnich BLACK AF bulgur risotto 

Art installation by @PlantConnection @Sabrina Buttitta 23-story corporate atrium living wall

Fashion by @PRADA Single-breasted duchess-satin coat FALL 2018 READY-TO-WEAR

“One block from the Freedom Tower in downtown Manhattan, Plant Connection installed a 32′ tall by 60′ wide interior G-O2® green wall – NYC’s largest to date (as of 2012). The client was beginning an extensive renovation of their commercial office space including a complete overhaul of their 23-story atrium lobby. Though impressive, the space was very stark and cold and the client wanted to make the space more welcoming to visitors and building occupants. The architecture firm designing the renovation suggested literally “enlivening” the space with a large-scale living wall to provide a focal point of living artwork as the backdrop to a public seating and gathering area and the front security desk.

Plant Connection’s green wall designer, Sabrina Buttitta, BSLA, designed an organic tapestry of plants to balance the magnitude of the 23-story corporate atrium. The 1,920 SF living wall is home to 11,673 plants, and the plant palette was carefully chosen to meet several goals. The plants had to have the similar lighting, watering, and fertilization requirements. They also needed to have enough contrast in color and texture to create the “Living Tapestry” design for the living mural we were trying to create.The existing wall of the atrium consisted of recessed and louvered cutouts, making it problematic for attaching the living wall components. The architects devised a solution of building a freestanding wall in front of the actual atrium wall. This allowed us to build a wall to exact specifications we needed for proper weight-bearing capacity and waterproofing to house the living wall system. Protective screening was used on all scaffolding equipment during installation of the living wall to protect the plants from construction debris like spackle dust and paint fumes that were coming from the other renovations taking place in the lobby space at the same time. Once installed, it was virtually impossible to see the faux wall constructed to house the living wall system. It is visually integrated into the space, appearing to naturally fit with the other elements of the lobby with the adjacent pergola and public seating area.”

I am looking forward to doing more food post and outfits from my own personal work.

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