The Layering Game of Thrones

The outfit worn during the SCRUB A DUB…Whew B*TCH, I hate dishes! blog post

This is the outfit I wore in the last post about hating dishes. I wore this look in March 2018 when in Barcelona for Spannabis. Spannabis is a annual festival that combines Spain the location with you guessed it, cannabis. I wore this the day I went to the Game of Thrones exhibit, which was the starting location for the touring exhibition.

It was unusually chilly that day. For the first time ever, I had to layer up in Barcelona. I had only been there during the summer months so this temperature was new for me. I was wearing a 3/4 sleeved jumpsuit, a mini silk scarf, a trench robe, a trench coat, and a very thick yellow scarf. I was still cold.

Strutting through Barcelona

I still have most of this outfit, except for the shoes. The shoes made it to Paris in summer 2018 when I went on my very first solo international trip. After running around the city for 10 days, I had to bid them au revoir. I recently tried on this out and it still works. It was a struggle getting my 2020 booty into my 2018 jumpsuit, but we did it!

Even though I am forever scarred by the emotional rollercoaster of Game of Thrones, I took some great pictures at the exhibit. That ending left me feeling robbed of 8 years, but the imagery and costuming will remain A+. Below I included some of my favorite shots from the exhibit.

To keep you ahead of the Game, I have included links to pieces to help you recreate my outfit.

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