Welcome to Palate Architect!

Thank you for meeting us at the intersection of Food, Fashion, Art and Architecture.

Palate Architect was created to explore the intersections between Food, Fashion, Art and Architecture. One of my favorite things to do is put on a great outfit, eat a great meal and spend it in a place that I love. It is such a full sensory experience, it pleases my soul in the most beautiful way. Palate Architect was a random idea I had from a night in a dress I just bought in Spain, in my apartment with friends, while eating tapas I made them. A single sangria reminded me of a dress which reminded me of building and here we are. See below the drink, the dress and the building that inspired this all. (links below to each of these beautiful things) See PA’s very first IG post here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3j-vvjghXs/?igshid=15wq135qxczj1

What I love about Food, Fashion and Architecture is that they involve creativity, taste, function, form, sensuality, history, timelessness and culture. Beyond being essentials in life (sustenance, clothing, shelter) there’s an energy they all hold that fuels who we are as people. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, we all have memories tied to all of these things that we will cherish forever. I believe that chefs, architects, artists and fashion designers all create with the same basic ideals in different mediums but manage to generate the same feelings in all of us.

A little background on what brought me here…

Architecture has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. My dad is a furniture maker and my fondest memories were tagging along with him to jobsites and handing him tools, listening to construction workers yelling, watching an idea on a page come to life in full scale. It brought me the oddest joy and it made me become fascinated not only with design but building. Having the ability to create space, for people to live, to play, to learn, to enjoy seemed powerful and fulfilling. I knew at this point that I wanted to pursue a career in Architecture and Construction. I love that the built environment can inform and change a mood and I feel that food and fashion can have the same effect on you.

Food and I have a passionate forever love affair, it is one of the few things that turns on all of my senses. I am not sure how it happened but creating a meal that is visually appealing and delicious has always been a natural skillset. I realized a while back that I have the ability to recreate any meal from memory that I really enjoyed with much ease. I savor the experience of food, the way it taste in my mouth, the way it feels on my tongue, the sound of a crunchy chip or the mmms I involuntarily release, the delight of a beautiful plating and all of the intoxicating aromas. Food has unearthed memories of my childhood, it reminds me of places and my travels, a person that I love or loved. There’s a level of joy that a single bite can give that me that I can’t get from most other things.

Fashion has always been one of the those things that could always take me into any world or mood at any time. I love all the colors and patterns and shapes. I love all of the options available, it feels limitlessness. I can mix and match to eternity. I love that I can get dressed and no matter what I am feeling, whatever mood I am in, I can always put something on and twirl around my apartment and just go somewhere for a second in time.

I will never have enough of any of these things and I hope that I’m forever in love with them. I hope that I can use this blog to bring you into some of the joys in my life and you can see and appreciate them the way that I do. During quarantine I have leaned so much into creating meals I’ve never made and curating outfits that make me feel alive, it has kept me sane. I hope you have something right now that delights you in this way, that turns you on, that envelopes you in a moment of peace and joy.

I will leave you with this, think of the best outfit you have ever worn, the best meal you’ve ever had and a space you’ve been in that has changed your life, hold on to that memory and let’s explore more of those moments together.

Thank you for taking the time and being open to this journey with me! Nomaste!

Find the Sangria recipe here:

Find the dress here: https://ullajohnson.com/products/aliya-dress-fuchsia

Architecture here: https://crosson.co.nz/red-house-titirangi/

See IG post on Palate Architect of all 3 beauties here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3j-vvjghXs/?igshid=15wq135qxczj1

Thank you for stopping by!

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