The Main Dish

Beet Me Down Salad

Roasted beets, sautéed beet and kale greens, roasted butternut squash and seeds with a rose jam jalapeno vinaigrette. I call this dish the Beet Me Down Salad because I have always hated beets and despite the constant praise my friends would give them I refused to eat them. I finally gave in and made them […]


Stuffed and Squashed

Grilled grey squash stuffed with lemon basil ricotta, topped with yellow grilled spiral squash noodles on a tomato base  I have grown to love squash in a way I never thought I would. There are a number of foods that I realized I didn’t care for because of how other people prepared them. Squash was […]

Cuckoo for Coco(nut) Pops

Vegan coconut ice pops with grated sweetened coconut I felt nostalgic, I had a craving for my grandmother’s coconut ice pops that she used to make and sell in St Kitts. My sister and I were chatting a last week about how much we loved these things. How many memories we had about them. As […]

Black AF and color wall over

BLACK AF bulgur risotto, Prada Duchess Satin coat and Atrium wall This is the first time I am combining one of my original recipes in a Palate Architect IG post. I created this recipe because of my love for seafood. When I started my search for fashion and architecture to coordinate with this, I knew […]

BLACK AF bulgur risotto

Bulgur risotto with cuttlefish (squid) fish ink and calamari. To know me is to know that I love seafood. I love it all. I love the flavor, the smell, and the trips to the fish market to pick out my own fresh pieces. All of it. I grew up on an island and fresh fish […]


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