The Main Dish

Beet Me Down Salad

Roasted beets, sautéed beet and kale greens, roasted butternut squash and seeds with a rose jam jalapeno vinaigrette. I call this dish the Beet Me Down Salad because I have always hated beets and despite the constant praise my friends would give them I refused to eat them. I finally gave in and made them […]


Sal and Hassel

Baked lemon salmon with caramelized onion au gratin potatoes and sautéed garlic kale Salmon is one fish that is easily accessible and tasty enough that it makes its way into all of our kitchens. I am somewhat of a purest when it comes to seafood, I don’t add much sauce or stuff them with more […]

Oh Pudding, your colors are popping

Me as Frenchie brioche breakfast pudding. French toast muffin with blueberry and raspberry compote and Kahlua whipped cream. Dressing up like the recipes I create has become compulsory, in an odd way it completes the look. Even though I am in my apartment during quarantine, I still want to have an experience around my meals. I want […]

Look pon cakes

Me as my Ch Ch Ch Chia Nana Pancakes This post is as much about pancakes as it is my “cakes” as well lol. Working out during quarantine has been one of the things I’ve managed to be consistent about. I had one goal going into this and that was to not gain any weight […]

In The Cut – Gray Monuments⁣

When I came upon these pieces by Yuri Pardi I was taken back by how close it was to Günther Domenig’s home.  I hadn’t seen fashion clearly take on the forms of a building I knew, and I had already been working on Palate Architect for 8 months. The gray colors of the 3D projections against the […]


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